Student Loan. How to Apply For It?

Student loan is a preferential loan for students, which is an extremely attractive source of funding for the period of study. This form of credit has many advantages, and in addition can become a great way to become independent.

Student loan is characterized by an extremely low interest rate, and each student who gets a loan can count on a two-year grace period after graduation. The repayment period for student loans is twice as long as the time of its collection, and the best students per year can count on a partial remission of debt. Student loan is an option that allows you to cope with a difficult financial situation, is very cheap and safe.

Applications for student loans are accepted in 2018 within a limited time from July 15 to October 20, and contracts may be concluded by the end of the year.


Who can apply for a student loan?


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Student loan can be applied to students of public and non-public universities, as well as students in day, evening or extramural system who started their studies before the age of 25, and also doctoral students. Among the people who can apply for this preferential form of lending are also students and students of the National Defense University, Military University of Technology. Jarosław Dąbrowski, Naval Academy named after Bohaterów Westerplatte, who are civilians, listeners of the Main School of Fire Service who are civilians.

Student loan is granted to persons in whose family the maximum income per member is in the academic year 2018/2019 PLN 2,500 net per person.


What formalities does a student loan require?


 What formalities does a student loan require?

Obtaining a student loan requires submission of an application together with confirmation of the student’s family income, as well as a certificate from the university, which determines the student’s status or participation in recruitment for the university. Each bank provides detailed information on the documents needed.

As part of the formalities when arranging student loan, it is necessary to obtain a guarantor who, if necessary, will be able to pay off the student’s commitment. In some cases, you can apply for a guarantee from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and for a surety from the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.


How does student loan repayment look like?


 How does student loan repayment look like?


The loan is granted for the duration of studies, but not longer than for six years, and in the case of PhD students, it can be extended by another 4 years. The loan repayment begins 2 years after graduation, and if the student interrupts studies, payable payables become from the next month after the date on which it was necessary to submit a valid student ID to the bank. The number of installments is twice the installments paid, therefore with a loan payable for 4 years, the repayment period will be 8 years.


Where can you take a student loan?


 Where can you take a student loan?

Currently, student loan can be obtained from PKO Bank Polski SA, Bank Pekao SA, Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości SA and SGB-Bank SA.

Student loan is an extremely preferential loan option, which is why using this form of financing may allow you to graduate, gaining a perfect start in adulthood (kw)