How to Directly Apply For Your Mini Loan

Misunderstandings, unanswered questions or other concerns often crop up when receiving a mini loan. This is natural, and the online financial institution Mr. Moto, with its friendly and knowledgeable staff at the service center, is ready to help you with your request or problem quickly and effectively. If you are not satisfied with the service, you are free to pursue a complaint procedure. How this happens, what to consider and what the consequences are, you can read here.

Questions and problems around the mini loan

 Questions and problems around the mini loan

The requirements for a Mr. Moto mini loan are quite clear: a minimum age of 18 years, a permanent residence in Germany and an income that exceeds 700 Euros per month. However, there are many questions that can arise about these conditions: If I am registered in Germany but travel a lot, is this considered a permanent residence? Does the child benefit or student loan count as income? How fast will my request be processed and will I learn the reasons for my refusal? These and many other questions will be answered in detail by Mr. Moto’s customers when they accept a mini-credit.

The service center of Mr. Moto

 The service center of Mr. Moto

If you have any questions regarding your mini-credit or complaint, you can call Mr. Moto’s friendly and knowledgeable Serviceline staff at 069-1200 666 50 for personal assistance. Of course, there is also the option of contacting the service staff via email, who will do their best to deal with your request quickly and effectively and promptly answer any questions: info @ Mr. Moto. Our solution-oriented approach always seeks the balance between your and our interests; any problems are resolved to mutual satisfaction.

The appeal procedure


The complaint to Mr. Moto follows the same pattern as a complaint to Novum Bank Ltd. This is addressed directly to the parent company and must be in writing, and this can be done by mail or letter. In the letter of complaint, you must provide all the facts and circumstances relevant to the procedure. Within five days of receipt of your written complaint, Novum Bank will send you a receipt confirming the approximate time taken to process your request. An appeal can be filed against the decision of the Novum Bank by another letter. The third instance is the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services.

Mr. Moto: the credit specialist number 1


The online loan provider Mr. Moto is a brand of Novum Bank. The main field of activity is the granting of mini loans, which are between 100 and 1500 euros and are repaid within a maximum of 60 days. The licensed credit institution is the only one of its kind that has a Europe-wide banking license. All loans are granted at no cost and at low interest rates. The focus of Mr. Moto is on the absolute satisfaction of the customers. This is also what our customer service stands for, which is available to you every day from 0 am to midnight and competently and reliably handles all questions, concerns and, of course, complaints.

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